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Thank you for your interest in the practice. The information contained in this website is intentionally minimal to serve as a general introduction.

Dr. Martini is a general adult psychiatrist. Most of the patients in his practice are functioning, intelligent, and independent adults that take their treatment seriously and want to be in charge of the decision making during the course of treatment. Prospective patients who are younger than 15 or older than 75 generally are treated by a child psychiatrist or a geriatric psychiatrist.

Dr. Martini uses a Bio-Psycho-Social orientation, which means that psychological and environmental factors are as important as medical aspects when evaluating a condition. He believes in patient-centered treatment, which means that he acts as an advisor/consultant to patients in deciding on what treatment modality to use rather than deciding for them.

When the focus in treatment is on substance abuse or dependence Dr. Martini practices the philosophy of Harm Reduction, which means that the focus is not on the use of substances, rather on the dysfunction and harm that substances can bring to someone's life.

You have the option to fill the intake form at home, and bring a printed copy to your first appointment. click on this link to download the intake form

Telepsychiatry is available, and prescriptions are sent electronically to pharmacies.

For billing and scheduling questions please e-mail  frontdesk@martinipsychiatry.com    

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